How to check your Outlook quota

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How to find your Outlook mailbox storage information in Outlook Online and the Outlook desktop app. 

Outlook Online

To see how much mailbox storage you've used and quickly clear up space, open your Settings and search for Storage.

Screenshot of the Settings search bar with "Storage" entered in it.

Outlook app

To find your mailbox storage information in the Outlook app, you can: 

  1. Enable Quota Information on the status bar; or 
  2.  View the Mailbox Settings in Account Information.

1. Enable Quota Information from the Outlook status bar

  1.  Right-click the status bar at the bottom of your email window. 
  2. Select Quota Information. This will add the amount of free data available in the bottom left corner of the status bar.
Screenshot of Customize Status Bar with Quota Information selected and set to "On." Also showing the number of GB available in the left corner of the Status Bar.

2. View the Mailbox Settings in Account Information

  1. In Outlook, select File > Info (selected by default). 
  2. Under Mailbox Settings, you will see your maximum mailbox size and how much of your mailbox you are currently using.  
Screenshot of the Outlook Inbox with the File menu highlighted.
Screenshot of the Account Information screen with the Mailbox Settings highlighted.


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