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As a retiree of the University of Manitoba, you will be provided with an email account free of charge. By accessing this account, you agree to the terms of use described herein. The university may withdraw an email account at any time, and at its absolute discretion if the account is not used in a manner consistent with these terms of use.

Purpose of use

The retiree email account may be used for personal purposes. Retired academic staff may also use the account to continue their scholarly work. The account is not to be used in association with a business or other commercial operation, whether or not such an operation is for profit.

Restrictions on use

The email account must be used in a way that does not risk exposing the university to liability and does not risk bringing the university's reputation into disrepute. In particular, the use of the account must:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws;
  2. Respect copyright and intellectual property of others;
  3. Be respectful, and refrain from use which could be seen as harassing, intimidating, or obscene; and
  4. Not represent the user as an active employee of the university.

Retirees may move personal emails and emails related to scholarly work from their active employee accounts to their retiree accounts. You are responsible for ensuring that only your personal emails and/or emails related to your scholarly work are moved to or retained in the retiree account. You should not move information regarding university business to your retiree account or retain such information within that account. The collection and retention of personnel information (including about students and employees of the university), or confidential business information about the university within a retiree email account is prohibited.

Sharing of email address

The university may share the email address you have been provided internally within the institution in order to facilitate a continuing connection to the university community. As a result, you may, for example, expect to receive news from the university (and its various departments and units), invitations to events, fundraising solicitations, and notification of volunteer opportunities. Your retiree address may also be used to communicate with you regarding pension and benefits issues. Your retiree address may also be provided to external parties associated with the university, including the UM Alumni Association and the UM Retirees’ Association. You can expect to receive news, invitations, program information, and solicitations from these associated external groups as well.

Liability, privacy and out-of-jurisdiction notification

Your retiree email account is hosted by an external third-party provider. Please be aware that by selecting the Office 365 retiree email service (@umr), your personal information that is collected while using this service and the content of your retiree mailbox may be stored on servers outside of Manitoba or Canada. The University of Manitoba cannot and does not guarantee protection against the possible disclosure of your data, including, without limitation, against possible disclosures of data in accordance with the laws of a foreign jurisdiction.

The University of Manitoba also accepts no liability for the account whatsoever, including its operation, availability, security, or privacy.

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Doku-Newman Misheal Clifford

Please i would like to. Know that the application fee is it in USD or CAD

Ghislaine Alleyne

@Doku-Newman The retiree email account is free of charge. Please contact the IST Service Desk at 204-474-8600 for more information.

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