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When you are logged into a computer at the University of Manitoba, you are given your own personal "home" folder in which to save files. 

On Windows, you may recognize this folder as your "H:\drive." On Unix, this folder is called your "home directory."

See the table below for information:

To access the H:\drive when you are off campus, you must be signed into the university's virtual private network (VPN). Learn more about the VPN.

How does it work?

UM staff and faculty can access their home folders over the internet in a variety of ways:

System Method
Active Directory
Microsoft 365
  • OneDrive (Move files to OneDrive)
  • FTP
  • AFP (Mac only)
  • CIFS
  • Windows networking (PC)
Which method should I use?
FTP Better than netstorage for users transferring multiple files regularly. However, it requires an FTP Client such as FileZilla.
AFP (Mac)
Easily access your UNIX home folder as if it were a drive on your computer.
Samba (PC)
Access your UNIX home folder or Novell network drives as if they were drives on your computer using CIFS (Windows Networking).



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