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Information Services and Technology (IST) and Student Residences are happy to offer a new way for students in residence to set up their Wi-Fi devices. This new service is called a User Defined Network (UDN). It will let students in residence create their own private Wi-Fi networks in their rooms to easily cast video, print to a Wi-Fi printer, control LED lights and smart speakers, etc. You will be connected to the Wi-Fi name “uofm-res” when using this new Wi-Fi service. 

How to use UDN

  1. Log in to umanitoba/, check I agree to the Terms and Conditions, and select Continue
  2. Enter your UMNetID and corresponding password. Upon successful login, you will be redirected to the UDN Registration Portal.  
  3. Select Generate Password. This WPA2 Password is a unique key for connecting your devices to UDN.  Take note of this password.  Click the Eye icon to view/hide the password. 
UDN registration portal screenshot with text written over top of the image. Text reads "click to generate a password" and points to the Generate Password button. And other text says "Click to see the password" and points to eye icon
  1. Find your device’s Wi-Fi MAC Address. A MAC address is a unique, 12-character alphanumeric attribute that is used to identify individual electronic devices on a network (e.g., ac:7f:3e:e6:37:e1). Each device you want to connect will have a Wi-Fi MAC address you must find and register in the UDN portal.
  2. Before registering a MAC address, ensure the Randomized MAC Address is disabled.  Most phones have this feature turned on by default, so you will have to turn it off. Please contact the Residence Internet Help Desk if you need help finding this feature.
  3.  Add your device’s MAC address in the Add Device section and give it a name you will recognize:
Image of text fields with Manage Device(s) as a title. And Add Device is an option with 3 text fields. Three text fields are Mac Address and Device Name and Device Description
  1. After registering your device’s MAC address, select the yellow iCheck button to ensure the MAC address is working correctly.
web button with "iCheck" written on top

Connecting to UDN on campus

University of Manitoba’s UDN network is currently available only in the Pembina Hall Residence.  It will be available in other residences soon.

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth is disabled on the devices that you are setting up. Devices can be discovered by and connected to other users via Bluetooth.
  2. When prompted, connect your registered devices to uofm-res and type your WPA2 Password (the one you generated). As an option, you can scan the QR code to onboard your devices securely.
  3. You should now discover and connect to your registered devices.

Need help?

Please contact the Residence Internet Help Desk for help with setting this up:


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