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The SSH (Secure SHell) protocol provides a secure communication channel over a potentially-unsecured network. This is mostly commonly used as a way to access a command-line interface on a remote computer.

To connect to IST Linux servers (such as CCL), you first will need to request "IPA (UNIX)" access in signUM.

How does it work?


Open Area Computer Labs/Managed workstations

PuTTY and SSH are pre-installed on instructional computers in IST Open-Area Computer Labs, accessible from the INS Programs > Unix-Linux menu.

If you do not have administrative access to your IST-managed workstation, please create an IT Ticket.

Home computers/laptops or mobile devices

  • Windows: PuTTY is the most popular client. Windows 10 now includes SSH and can be run from a Command Prompt or PowerShell window, as "ssh [email protected]" for example.
  • Mac / Linux: these operating systems are pre-installed with an SSH client. Just open a Terminal window and use the "ssh [email protected]" command.
  • Mobile: Several app options exist for all major OSes. Be sure to choose a trusted client.

Connecting to IST Linux

  • To connect to IST Linux from home / off campus, you need to first connect to the UM VPN. When using campus Wi-Fi, ensure that you are connected to uofm-secure, as uofm-guest and other connections will also require a VPN connection.

Using an SSH client, connect to "" using your UMnetID (without the "" or similar).

If you have access to a commandline shell, use ssh [email protected].

If asked about the server's host key fingerprint, verify that it matches one of the below:

  • Ed25519:  22:0c:30:88:9b:c8:84:dd:17:a7:4b:40:76:02:9c:be
  • ECDSA:  8b:a7:b7:b1:a7:cc:76:54:5d:9b:0e:4d:56:00:84:4e
  • RSA:  10:09:04:ab:43:c2:0e:e2:3e:ad:36:93:42:33:cf:fb

Once you are logged on, you can use a similar approach to access the compute cluster.


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