VPN - Installation and configuration steps for Mac

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To set up and connect to the virtual private network (VPN) on a Mac, you will need to:

  1. Download and install the VPN software
  2. Set up your VPN connection

Download and install the VPN software

  1. Download the installer file: macOS VPN (sharepoint file) client.
  1. Run the installer package.
Screenshot - Ivanti Secure installer package file.
  1. Click Continue and follow the prompts to install Pulse Secure.
Screenshot - Welcome to the Ivanti Secure Access Installer screen.
  1. Select Install to start the process.
Screenshot - Installation type and installation location selector.
  1. Enter your Mac username and password.
Screenshot - Mac login confirmation for installing new software.
  1. After the Ivanti installation is completed successfully, select Close.
Screenshot - Installation was successful screen.

Set up your VPN connection

  1. Open Ivanti Secure Access Client and click the plus sign, "+," to create a new connection.
  2. Set the connection Type to Policy Secure (UAC).
  3. Enter the name: UofM-VPN
  4. Enter Server URL:
  1. Click Add.
Screenshot - Adding a connection.
  1. In the connections window, click Connect
Screenshot - Connecting to one of your existing connections.

The Connections window will show your active UM connection. You may click Disconnect when you wish to terminate the connection.

  1.  Click Proceed.
Screenshot - Pre Sign-in notification.
  1. Enter your UM email
  2. Click Next.

10. Enter your password 

11. A new window will open with a number code displayed. 

12. Check your authenticating device and open the Microsoft Authenticator app. 

12. Enter the number code and select Yes

Congrats! You now have secure access to UM systems.  


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